Warehouse 49 promotes a fun and professional environment filled with gaming and geeky shenanigans but most of all we must be a safe establishment and therefore we have rules.


    • There is no outside food or drinks allowed into Warehouse 49 without proper authorization.
    • There is no running, horseplay, loitering, or rough use of the equipment.
    • Modding our equipment or using equipment with our consoles that are considered illegal are also prohibited.
    • There is no fighting or bullying – We understand playful teasing and constructive criticism.
    • All unsafe acts should be reported to a staff member.
    • There are to be no weapons brought into Warehouse 49. Such weapons include but are not limited to: Knives, swords, grenades, guns, machetes, nuclear weapons, and laser pistols.
    • If you bring a prop it must be checked by a bouncer.
    • Cosplay is allowed but must be tasteful, nudity is not permitted. We must be able to identify you so we can determine if you match your ID.
    • Warehouse 49 reserves the right to ask anyone who breaks these rules to leave.
    • Hon shot first
    • Last of all, from a very wise man…