Warehouse 49 LAN Events

What makes our events stand out?

Setup and Game

For a flawless transition into what matters the most — your gaming experience — we’ll provide the internet, power, tables and chairs. All you need to do is bring your gaming setup (laptop, computer, console, monitor…etc) this way you can concentrate on what matters most, gaming.

Bear in mind, specific events may have different rules such as age restrictions or monitor size but you can count on us to at least provide the basics.

A few additional items you may want to consider storing in your LAN party bug out bag include: a 15′-25′ ethernet cable, headphones, and power strip.

More often than not, we will have tabletop games available at our LAN parties–if you are solely interested in participating in those, just plan on bringing a friend!

High Quality H20 Gear

We bought all of our equipment brand-spanking-new! We didn’t go with those 10 year old switches and a hand-me-down router — No, we went out and specced out high quality gear to make sure that you have the best gaming experience possible. Our router is hand built, from the ground up; customized it so gaming always takes top priority. Even with multiple people streaming and downloading games. Yeah, it’s kinda like being in the Millennium-Falcon-making-the-Kessel-run-in-less-than-12-parsecs fast gaming experience.

Chat Servers

Sure, you might have chat capabilities using other services — but we offer a Warehouse 49 Discord Server as another option! It’s a great way meet new people within the Warehouse community. We also have a number of voice channels that you can hop into and chat with all those new friends!

Having a technical issue at one of our events? We have a channel just for that just to show how much we care about your gaming experience.

Our Discord Server is also backed by Discord’s Hype Squad, so you know, that’s something you know now!

Join our super awesome Discord server here!


Speaking of meeting new people, we allow the community to host tournaments and get-togethers at our LANs. We realize that we don’t know all the rules to all the tournaments that people want, so we work closely with the community to bring events to our LANs.  We hope that allowing the community to run their events at our LANs those groups can grow. If you are a community and would like to host something at one of our events please reach out to us, we would love to work with you. Some of the benefits of working with us is that we allow you to do so for free. We also allow you to advertise your group at our events. We have connections with some partners and sometimes we can get prizes to help hype up your tournaments.

Judgement Free Gaming

Our main goal for any hosted event is to ensure that the gaming experience is inherently positive for everyone. While we support gaming in all its various formswhether it be PC, console, or tabletop gaming–we ask that your respect for others’ gaming experience and your sportsmanship be just as important to have in your arsenal of skills, as any Health Potion would be to your Inventory. If you have any questions regarding whether your game is appropriate for a public LAN setting, please feel free to visit our Facebook page and send us a message.

We support judgement-free gaming, and as such, bias against anyone based on gender/sexuality will not be tolerated–here at Warehouse 49, we want you to come as you are.