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I have been crazy busy! This blog post was supposed to go out months ago!

We bought new gear, had a big LAN party, and have been doing small mini LANs at Koot’s.

Website Changes

Future Page – Finally finished the first version of the “Future” page that lists out where we are going and what we will be. It needs a little work but it conveys the information I want to share. Within the future page I also posted links to pages I had in the original site that had information on the specifics of Warehouse 49 services such as prices and game list. Those pages are not set in stone but it gives you an idea of the design and structure Warehouse 49 is going for.

Sponsorship Page – I added a sponsorship page so that businesses and gamers alike who want to support us in a greater way can do so. We also wanted to showcase who we have been working with and who is working with us.

VIP Page – You can finally get more benefits and help support Warehouse 49 with great VIP packages.

Game Night Mini LAN @ Koot’s

Koot’s started having a game night every Thursday that the owner of the Alleyway Grille was hosting. When I saw that I approached them and asked if there was anything I could do to help and they asked me to host game night for them. Without much hesitation I agreed and we have been working together to make Koot’s a better gaming venue, who would of thought!?

We decided to have a full on LAN event at Koots to show them what we can do and to show that there is a gaming audience in Alaska. We took over Koots for a single day and even had a special drink and food menu. Overall the event went awesome. We even surprised Koots with how many people were there. We ended up with 75 gamers showing up and have over 80 people all together supporting us.

Event Page

Photo Album


I reached out to Discord for our LifeLAN and they responded that they would not be sponsoring us. I sent them another request for Game Night at Koots and this time they said we could become part of their HypeSquad. They did accept us after the event but this should make it easier for future events I am hoping. We should be getting a swag box to give away at our LANs. We are pretty excited about that!

Full on 10gb netowrking

The gear I said we bought was equipment to upgrade our core networking to all 10gb. From router to distro switches we are 10gb. If only we could get 10gb internet we would be set. Basically what this means is that we now have the infrastructure to start hosting services (Cache, intranet, voice, and more) without worrying about slowing anything down.

Its been a while since I posted and I think its time for an update!

Website Changes

I feel like in every blog post I make there has been site changes. This one is no different.

I am designing the website to display more information about where we are now instead of where we will be. We are hosting events and helping out with others and I think the way the site was laid out it was hard to tell what was now and what was future. I am still tweaking a lot but I think the direction is a positive one.

I am also starting to go back through the website and doing some spring cleaning with wording and graphics. We went from a two column to a one column page theme so there is a lot of tweaking that needs to get done.


I think moving forward with better and bigger LAN parties we need the ability for potential sponsors to be able to come to us instead of us going to them. This is why I created a sponsorship page. Companies and individuals can request to sponsor events. Without sponsors, hosting charity LAN parties is an uphill battle and hopefully with the new page we can start accepting sponsorship easier. For more information about that our to submit an application to become a sponsor head over the the sponsors page.

Sponsorship is broken into tiers to make it easier to sponsors to know what they are getting in return for their money. Of course sponsorship does not have to be money, it can be services, equipment, prizes, giveaways and more.


Speaking of events, if you did not know already we are partnering up with the Blood Bank of Alaska to bring to you LifeLAN. A donation of blood gets you free entry into the LAN party. For more information about the event head over to our Facebook event page.

Other Events

I am starting to put together some other events for in between LANs. If you have an idea about an event our would like to work with us for an event please let us know, we love working with the gaming community.

Some events we are thinking about are:

Sci-Fi Pub Crawl

Speed Dating for Geeks

Extra Life training mini LAN

If any of these events interest you please leave a comment below.


Well that’s it for now, keep on gaming!



Warehouse Mini LAN Parties

We are excited to let you know that we are working on mini LAN parties that we will be throwing once a month. These smaller LAN parties will help us engage with the gaming community more and allow us to “test and tune” our equipment to make it better for when we host our larger charity LAN parties throughout the year. Our minnie LAN parties will be a great place to meet new people and get together with friends to play video games.

We are still working out the smaller details but we are to the point where we know they will start happening soon so we don’t mind letting you know about it. We should have more to announce on that front in a month or two.

Website Changes

In an on going mission to make the website look better we made some minor adjustments to pictures and banners. We also added some stats to our about page for some of the events we have done so far and will update it as we get more events under our belt.

Also under the events page we added links to our yearly events for more information.

Alaska’s Ultimate Gamer

So our first tournament has come and gone and although it was a success we also learned a lot and found some critical flaws. We had more interest in this event than even our GALP but yet only a fraction of the people showed up. We think this is because we scheduled a tournament after a major holiday for people who enjoy drinking. So we think there was a lot of hangovers preventing people from leaving the house early in the morning. But luckily this was a blessing in disguise since if we did have over 200 people show up our tournament would of crawled to a halt and would have failed. We have cool ideas on how to speed up the process next year.

Overall we had a lot of positive feedback and suggestions which we love to hear. Our volunteers had a great time as well and we did not have any major technical difficulties.

It was great bringing the gaming community together once again and getting to interact with everyone. Every event I look forward to working with the gaming community again for upcoming events.

Future events

The only Warehouse event we have planned is our 2017 GALP. Until then we will be helping out with Senshi Con and hopefully Extra Life. Hopefully we get the final touches finished with the Warehouse Mini LANs and can start hosting those. We are in the talks of hosting a few other big charity LAN parties but are not far along enough to talk about it yet.



For Warehouse 49 2016 has been a roller coaster of a year. We went from publicly announcing the idea and company to throwing a successful LAN party in less than a year. We are switching gears from thoughts to action and showing Alaska that we are here and we plan to make gaming great. More and more people are hearing about us and understand what we are doing and where we want to go. It was great hearing about the Great Alaska LAN Party in general conversation and how excited people were. The turn out was great and I think if the weather wasn’t as bad as it was then we would of gotten even more people. All said and done we had about 120 people come by during the event,


We also announced our next event, Alaska’s Ultimate Gamer, which will be a tournament and it will be a wildcard style tournament. We want to find the best all around gamer and we will do this by randomizing the games that will be played each round. We are also not announcing which games will be played so that no one can try to just practice those games. This is another event that we hope will bring together the community since it will incorporate many different game genres. We also hope that this gives the chance for more casual players to step up and try their hand at the title. You can find out more We are not releasing many details for good reasons but as the time draws closer we will let you know.


We (I) have learned a lot during this year even with my experience in gaming and events so I am excited to see what we can accomplish this next year.


So long 2016, hello 2017!

Okay bad intro for what this first part is about. But we are searching for places to be the home for Warehouse 49. But I found that this can be hard to do. First you have to find someplace, okay not hat hard. Are the owners okay with having a bar in their building. Surprising some places are not okay with this. Is the place in a good area, right, we are looking for a warehouse but we also don’t want to be somewhere that is hard to get to either. Also throw into the mix the costs since in the end you can find all the perfect things and find out it is around $3 per sq/ft. In the end I wanted you guys to know that we are finally looking for a building to rent. Yay progress!


We have swag!

New Gaming Area for Commentators

Something I had in the planning phase for a little while was to have an area where commentators could do what they do best and commentate on games happening at the Warehouse. Well I finally got all the details in line and put it on our prices page. Spoiler alert, its free. When you commentate someone’s game it makes them feel great and it helps others learn the game. I wanted to embrace that and as long as you are announcing for someone in the venue you can do so for free.

Some other amenities is a raised area where you can watch all the other gamers in the BYOPC area. You will be able to rent a decent mic so even if you are new to commentating you can sound most excellent. If people show interest in you as a commentator and you have a good reputation we will allow you to stream directly to the Warehouse twitch channel. As I think of more I will add them. If you have any suggestions use our contact form and let us know.


I am super stoked to let you know that we now have the swag that I have been teasing on our swag page. They are even better than I expected. Depending on demand I will order more shirts and hoodies. If you want one with something personalized on it like your gamer tag just use our contact form and let us know.

You can check out the current swag on, wait for it, our swag page. 

Towards the end of the year we plan on adding new ways to order merchandise. I will update you on that as it gets closer.

First steps into the community

During Senshi-Con I introduced myself and the idea of Warehouse 49 to a few people with Extra Life and they loved the idea. A place for the community to be able to get together with a shared interest. Talking with them about Extra Life made me super excited for the event and the idea. This is one of the perfect ways for Warehouse 49 to help in the community especially since it involves what we love, gaming.

Warehouse 49’s stance has always been to play a part in the community, its even in the business plan, helping out with Extra Life is going to be the first step in that direction. Hopefully next year we can play a bigger part and help build the event bigger than ever before. I also think it is going to be important to work with other groups of gamers to pull our resources together for the greater good of the children we are helping.

Just as a side note I got to go onto the KWHL Morning show with Bob and Chad which was super cool and talk about video games and Extra Life. They should talk about video games more often.



This last weekend Senshi-Con took place where we were asked to provide networking and internet connectivity. We took care of wiring up the switches, providing the router, troubleshooting connectivity problems and fixing issues as they arise. I am happy to say it was a huge success. The only downtime we had is when the GCI went down for about 2 minutes. Luckily it was between matches and the down time was minimal. We used about 90GB of data the first day and about 40GB the second. We supported around 75 people all together and was able to support all the clients on one GCI Red Modem that GCI generously provided us for the weekend. The whole experience was really great and any issues was able to be solved fast I look forward to volunteering my time and equipment next year to help make Senshi-Con as successful as I can.


Change Log

It has been a little bit since my last blog post my friends. About two months and a day to be exact. There has not been a significant change since my last post unfortunately. The weather has been fairly nice and friends have been making sure I enjoy it. But as the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder it will be more tempting to sit at home, put on a movie and get some important things done. Since last blog post I made a few changes to the site that were bugging me. I’ll put the changes at the bottom.

I want to talk about you for a minute. You have been excited about this project since the beginning. You keep me motivated and love hearing your feedback. Even if the feedback is not positive the fact you cared enough to share it with me is awesome. That’s what you are, awesome, the gaming community at large are a very friendly group. Feeling good about yourself? Good!


I was on Steam and I noticed lately I have been checking my downloads every day after work to see if any of my early access games had an update. I also realized that when there is no update after a month I would almost get mad at the game devs. Even if I were given a little notice on what was going on or when to expect the next update I would be happy. Pokemon Go drove that nail even further where most players just want is an acknowledgement of the fact there are issues and they are working to fix them. Communication is key to any project. Without it you don’t even know if the people behind the project are listening; or even still alive!


I am alive and things are still progressing. We hit a little bit of a slow period while some of the more tedious and time consuming work is done such as checking the numbers on the cost analysis and projections to make sure they are accurate and realistic. But on more exciting news we will be helping out at Senshi-Con gaming this year, you probably have seen us share some of their events, and hopefully we will be helping with some of the events leading up to Senshi-Con as well.


I may do a meet and greet sometime soon so that you can get a face to a name and ask some of your questions and I can talk about some of the great things we have planned. This would probably take place at a brewery so that we can enjoy some great beer while we socialize.


Some of you may be wondering why we don’t kickstart Warehouse 49. Well the short answer is, I don’t think we would raise enough. Not that I don’t think Anchorage can support us but we have big dreams and in order for us to succeed we also need a lot of capital. A LOT of capital. Kickstarter projects work best if you are either targeting a very wide audience or you just need a little bit of starting capital. Warehouse 49 isn’t set to be just a cool place to go play games but an amazing, professional place to play games and drink beer. I believe that having a kickstarter before we are ready with most of the funds would be a disservice to you, especially if we don’t come close to our goal. That isn’t to say we won’t have a kickstarter with cool rewards and milestone crushing support from the Anchorage community. I just want to do things right, as much as possible.


I hope this update is to your liking, and I hope it does the job I am wanting it to do. Which is to keep you updated and to show that this project is indeed still alive. If you have any suggestions make sure to fill out our survey and if you would like to potentially help us out and be part of our team send us an email by going to the contact us page.
Thanks for all your support.