Warehouse 49 will be Anchorage’s premier gaming bar. We will cater to any type of gamer from the casuals who just want to socialize to the more seasoned gamer who are looking for a MLG experience.


We will feature a full beer garden to quench your thirst during the heat of battle from the classic beer to some of our favorite potions. For the wine drinkers we will have a wide variety of wines and mead to satisfy all types of pallets.


No longer will you have shout over the music to have a conversation, we will keep the music at a tolerable level so whether it is gaming or chatting you can concentrate on what’s most important.

Experience Warehouse 49


We get involved in the community. We also host several community events a year.


We don’t just play games, we are experts in networking. Gaming will never feel this great.


We are friendly and approachable, we also promote a friendly gaming environment for our gamers.


Game with friends and make new ones. Our events are great opportunities to socialize.


We use new hardware and we grow our hardware ahead of demand so we don’t fall behind.


It doesn’t matter which platform you play on, we support you. We view all gaming communities as equals.

Warehouse 49 Charity LAN Parties is just one way that we give back to the Alaska community. Our LAN parties brings together the gaming community as a whole to support local charities and of course play games. To bring more attention to the gaming groups that we have here in Alaska we encourage the community to host tournaments at our events.

Hosting events costs a lot of money and requires just as much planning. If you or a company you represent sees the benefits that our events brings to the community and wish to help we encourage you to be a sponsor at our events.

Warehouse 49 is dedicated to our community, our charity events benefit Alaska in many ways.


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Warehouse 49 hosts many events throughout the year including tournaments and charity LAN parties.


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Warehouse 49 is working its way to be the venue of choice when it comes to social and professional gaming.



Extra Life 2017

Directly help children, right here in Alaska!

Warehouse 49 is proud to support Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network. Since 2016 we have participated in Extra Life to help the children right here in Alaska. 100% of what is donated stays here in our state. Help us reach our goal to help children that need it most! Learn more here by clicking here.

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